Safe Facility Environment™ 

Towards a More Cogent Approach in Industrial Hygiene and Safety

SAFETRAN provides industry with cutting edge occupational safety, health, and  environmental assessments towards a Safe Facility Environment(SFE).

SAFETRAN Indoor Air Quality Assessment

SAFETRAN Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA)

SAFETRAN protects our Clients and their important workers and worksites with comprehensive environmental health and safety services for general industry, biotech, transportation-logistics, and construction.


Daniel J. O’Connell, CSP, CHMM, CIT, CHCM, CHST, REA
Consulting EHS Engineer, leads SAFETRAN’s team of certified safety practitioners

As consulting safety engineers, we’ve been serving clients since 1999 in support of  industrial hygiene, safety, hazmat/technical rescue, and emergency response.

Anatomy of a Safe Facility Environmental Assessment

Safe Facility Environmental Assessments are conducted per site specific conditions, and directed towards plant hazard identification having a clear, straight forward, and cogent approach:

  1. What hazards are present in the workplace, to what degree
  2. Which facility areas present the most significant hazards
  3. What is the plant’s worst case scenario
  4. Is the emergency action plan (EPA) up to date
  5. What are the current restrictions to implementation of proactive programs directed towards Safe Facility Environments™SAFETRAN conducts equal and unbiased analysis of how each hazard potential and alternative measure would impact the worksite environment

Hazard Mitigation Team

SAFETRAN assists industry with the following industrial safety and health services:

Combustible Dust Hazard Analysis (CDHA)

Industrial Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments

Classification of Confined Space (Permit Required / NPRCS)

Hazardous Energy Control Program (LOTO)

Technical Life Rescue and Emergency Response


SAFETRAN Protects Our Clients’ Assets  24/7/365