Does Your Project Require a Competent
Site Safety Officer?

Bridge Construction Safety Inspection

In support of our client’s environmental health and safety programs, SAFETRAN provides temporary Site Safety Officers (SSO) for contractors and their special projects.

To learn more about protecting your worksite, contact us directly for more information:  510.894.0229

Since 1999, SAFETRAN has been providing safety and health consulting services to our clients in heavy civil construction on multiple state and federal highway projects.

SAFETRAN provides our clients with a wide range of occupational safety and health solutions and protective services geared to regulatory requirements, onsite tasks, and site-specific requirements.

Our Client Sector

Heavy Civil Construction

General Construction & Building


Roofing / Waterproofing

General & Residential Construction

To learn more about protecting your assets or operation today, contact SAFETRAN Site Safety Support Services:  510.894.0229