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Intermodal Freight Safety

Protecting workers through proactive safety inspection, training, and EH&S consultation

SAFETRAN Site Safety Support Services provides environmental health and safety consulting services to our clients in transportation, logistics (intermodal freight), general industry, and heavy civil construction.  SAFETRAN provides FMCSA, OSHA, and EPA based compliance reviews, and onsite incident investigation (forensics).  SAFETRAN is a San Francisco Bay Area firm, based at the Port of Oakland, California, USA.


Our Team

SAFETRAN directs a team of environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals, consultants,  and emergency responders with national accreditation by AIHA, BCSP, FEMA, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), ProBoard, CSTI, Cal-OES, and other agencies.

SME/Consulting Scope: Injury and loss involving materials transport, machinery and industrial equipment, emergency response, technical rescue, heavy civil construction, general industry workplaces.

Transportation Safety Specialty: Commercial transportation, logistics, intermodal freight, warehousing, loading docks, cargo handling operations, commercial motor vehicles, load securement, powered industrial trucks (PIT), operator & driver safety, training evaluations, material handling equipment,  hazard analysis, FMCSA / OSHA regulations, and fleet safety.


This web site does not provide specific safety and health, emergency response, or regulatory compliance advice, and has been created for educational purposes only.  As safety engineers, SAFETRAN Site Safety Support Services provides onsite evaluation and review of work zones, confined spaces, and work at height operations.

Note: As of December 31, 2023, SAFETRAN now conducts consulting and training services for confined space, technical rescue, emergency response, and work at height operations. Decommissioned operations include onsite technical rescue and emergency response, and high-angle rescue.  We thank all of our agency and contractor clients for over 25 years of continuous safe service.

Use of this site does not create any consultant-client relationship between you and SAFETRAN Site Safety Support Services, or authors of any pages or posts. All photos displayed on our website are by staff members of SAFETRAN.  Data or information published on this site is not a substitute for competent advice by a Certified Safety Professional.  Any links from other unrelated sites are beyond the control of SAFETRAN and do not convey our approval, support or connection to our organization.

 As consulting safety engineers, SAFETRAN protects our client’s Assets 24/7/365 since 1999